Whether your silver collection is a family heirloom or part of a lifelong collection, silver is a commodity that has value and will always have value. Ken Kooyman, a lifelong collector of antiquities and a historian for Relics Estate Sales and Consignments, will host an informative discussion on caring for your silver with an emphasis on scrap versus intrinsic values. The discussion will be held from 2-4 p.m. Monday, January 29th at Relics Estate Sales and Consignment store on 53 Persimmon Street. Complimentary refreshments will be provided.

Kooyman will share his own silver collection, originating from The Gilded Age and a period of time that is lost to many. The collection includes several hundred pieces of Louis XV by Whiting manufactured between 1891 and 1911. The pattern was so popular it was sought after by New York aristocracy, such as the Vanderbilts and the Rockefellers. The collection includes a 33 piece place setting and many unusual banquet and daily serving pieces.

The silver collection includes rarely seen pieces that many would have no idea of the original intent or purpose. Some of the unusual pieces include a pate fork/knife and a fried oyster and tomato servers.

The seminar also will discuss the care of silver, what to look for when purchasing and selling your silver and the ills of scrapping.  Also discussed will be how the industry determines value for buying and selling silver, the difference between estate and insurance appraisals.

“We are here to protect the interest of our consignors and customers”, Ken said. “Our purpose is to explain and educate the intricacies of selling silver of all kinds for more than the customary scrap value. Relics Estate Sales and Consignments is here to advocate and navigate the way for our clients.”

For more information, visit www.relicsestatesales.com.