Professional Estate Sale Services

Hilton Head Island, Bluffton, Hardeeville,
Beaufort and Savannah

Relics is a full-service estate sale services company, specializing in estate liquidations.

About Our Services:

We begin with a successful ending in mind.

  • Our first meeting is to understand your unique needs, objectives and deadlines. Every client is different.
  • We decide together on the specific sales strategy for your estate. Every sale is different.
  • We will detail a work plan and timetable specifically to fit your needs. You will know what to expect, and when to expect it.
  • We will market your estate sale extensively, right up until the day of sale.
  • We will keep open communication with you up until and during the sale – no surprises.
  • If needed, we will handle cleanup and hauling after the sale as agreed.

Relics will look after your cherished things as if they were our own. Estate sales are a lot of work – Let us help.

What We Do


  • It all begins with our relationship with you.
  • Assess the contents of the home.
  • Assess any special needs or concerns that you may have.
  • Gather information from you about contents of the home.
  • Determine what items may need to be discarded and what items will be kept by you.  Anything we find with personal information or photographs will be stored in a box for your review.
  • Consultation is completely free, with no obligations.

Preparing for the Sale

  • With trained professionals, we organize and stage your home in the most attractive and efficient manner to possible, to facilitate a lucrative and safe buying environment.
  • We are experts at merchandising and getting the most potential out of any item.
  • Cleaning, organizing, staging, and pricing is all part of the package.
  • Very valuable items will be assessed by a licensed appraiser that we have an established a relationship with.
  • Pricing is very key in any estate sale.  Our trained professionals have multiple avenues to assess and price the items in your home.
  • Integrity, honesty and ethics in the liquidation process is very important.  We use fair market pricing as a guideline.
  • We value YOUR input, and will take that into consideration when pricing items.

Promoting Your Estate Sale 

  • We advertise through Estate
  • We also provide signs, directing to the sale.
  • Word of mouth helps too.  We are great at that.
  • Comprehensive, customer based email campaigns.

Conducting The Sale 

  • Expect respect from customers for your home and items, while encouraging a friendly, fun buying environment.
  • We provide all staffing, tables, display cases, tags and pricing materials, wrapping paper, boxes, tape, and bags. Our friendly staff is there to assist customers with all of their wrappings and check out needs.
  • We provide a relationship with the website/application Pick Up, to help customers who need assistance in moving large items after purchase.
  • If appropriate to maximize profits, we will offer a silent bid system during the sale, to heighten the interest and demand for higher priced items.
  • Our friendly and knowledgeable associates are placed in strategic areas to answer customer questions and prevent loss caused by theft.
  • Additional security may be necessary for some sales.  If that is required, there may be charges added to the final bill.
  • We Accept Cash, Visa, MasterCard and Discovery for customer’s convenience, but we will not accept personal checks due to the financial risk.

After The Sale

  • We provide a breakdown of sale proceeds on the last day of the sale, and we will pay you the end of that day.
  • Light clean up is provided at the end of the last sale day.
  • We will give you a list of nonprofit organizations that will come in and take away all that is not sold, leaving your home empty.
  • Our commission comes on the last day, at the end of the sale and comes from the sales total.  No cash is ever expected upfront.


  • Provide a team of qualified professionals to conduct the sale.
  • Clean, organize, and stage all contents of the estate.
  • Conduct all research and pricing of all items for sale.
  • Provide all tables, display cases, price tags, etc.
  • Provide wrapping and packing supplies for customers.
  • Expect respect from customers for your home and items, while encouraging a friendly, fun buying environment and maximizing the profitability of the liquidation.